Ryan Ranch
Hildreth History
There were several gold mines in the area that produced several million dollars (value in late 1800s). The town of Hildreth had a fluid population that reached around 3000 in its glory days. Currently all of the mines are closed. The main mines have the entrances caved in and are not accessible. All of the accessible small holes are very dangerous to enter. Keep out. 2008 three young men died in a mine at Hildreth while searching for gold.

The earliest researched record of census for Annie Combs Ryan and James R. Ryan was 1886 (parents of william "Bill" Ryan, husband of Faustina). Faustina Ryan was 1892. William H.Ryan census found was 1893. Faustina Wren taught school at Hildreth where she met and married Bill Ryan.

James and Annie ryan first settled in Body then moved to Hildreth. James was a blacksmith. He build and repaired machinery for the mines. The Ryans later bought the Hildreth house and property for cattle grazing.

The original Ryan Ranch barn burned in the 1940 when a wildfire went through the area. The barn that was built afterward has been re-built with lumber from an old barn in Fresno that was being torn down. It is now used for storage, The grazing land is leased to a neighbor rancher.

The pumus brick house built by Richard "Dick" Ryan is still the home of Bill Ryan's daughter, Pat Washburn. She and her daughter Faustina give Hildreth tours for the Coarsegold Historical Society.
Clampers Chapter 41-49 erected a monument for the historical town of Hildreth. The dedication was 9-27-14. Nearly 100 people addended. Frank Bigelow, California Assemblyman, presented a proclamation. A member of the Hildreth family attended. BBQ followed with lots of great fellowship.
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